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APK Technology is a professional Manufacturer of medical accessories for patient monitors and ECG machines. Since established in 2003, APK focuses on OEM and ODM service to the world leading monitor and ECG brands with our high quality products and excellent service. APK has gained the CFDA, ISO 13485:2016, CE mark and FDA Certifications.

In 2010, the second manufacturing base in Jiangxi Province was established and began the production ever since. APK invested more than 30 million Yuan to establish the new facility and it covers an area of 30,000 square meters. This factory greatly improved the production capacity and warehouse storage capacity of APK. 

APK Technology is equipped with modern facilities and our engineers focus on the essence of manufacturing and design engineering. Until now, we have got more than 20 product patents and we are named as the National Hightech Company.

APK tapped into the VET imaging business in 2013. Drawing on strong R&D team and innovative spirit, APK has developed the advanced X-ray system for VET, providing X-Ray imaging products at the best price-performance ratio for global veterinary customers.  Meanwhile, we are committed to developing veterinary monitors, anesthesia and Electrocardiography Machine, and providing customers with professional accessories .

In 2018, the size of our factory in Shenzhen has doubled and an additional 1,200 flat office has been added. APK's R&D, production and warehousing capabilities have been greatly enhanced, Shorter delivery term, Higher quality products and more efficient services will be provided to our
partners. APK will continue the innovation to ensure our esteemed customers get the high quality products with most competitive prices and best services.

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